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New Rules Threaten Farmers, Don’t Make Food Safer
The Food and Drug Administration is poised to make some of the most sweeping changes to food safety regulations since 1938. The final comment deadline has been extended to this Friday, November 22. If you are a farmer or food producer we urge you to comment. If you are a consumer, these rules could impact your ability to get fresh, organic local produce.

What’s wrong with the proposed rules:

1. They force small farms – which should be exempt from the regulations – to comply with extensive, burdensome regulations without improving food safety.

2. They’re too expensive. They could put small organic farmers out of business by cutting into small profits.

3. Compost would become a dirty word. The rules propose a 9-month waiting period before farmers can apply manure and other soil-building materials.

4. Small on-farm producers of products like pickles, jams, and sauerkraut could be put out of business.


Submit your comment in TWO places – to the Produce Rule (http://bit.ly/fsma-pr) and to the Preventive Controls Rule (http://bit.ly/fsma-pcr ). This is important because these issues affect both rules.


Maureen Wilmot
Executive Director, OFRF


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