Cover crops in Western Neb meeting and training day

Here is a great way to save soil from blowing and enhance the fertility profile


Using Cover Crops in Western Nebraska
When: December 7th beginning at 8:30am.
Where: Ogallala Extended Campus Mid-Plains Community College
Plan to join us for the annual Western Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Conference.  This year it will be held at the Ogallala Extended Campus Community College.
The Western Conference will feature several dynamic sessions and talks geared around sustainable and organic agriculture. 
Our keynote this year is Dale Strickler who works for Star Seed out of Kansas.  Strickler, an agronomist, will share his 25 years of experience working with farmers and ranchers in the Great Plains from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian border on forage systems and cover cropping. Dale started cover cropping on rented ground in 1988. He bought his first farm in 2000 and converted it from a furrow irrigated corn farm to a subsurface drip irrigated, management intensive grazing opera-tion. Cover cropping has become an integral part of his operation, and that of many of the farmers he works with. Dale often hears farmers say their biggest cover crop regret is that they did not start sooner! He will discuss how integrating cover crops into a cropping system can improve soil health and decrease input costs. Looking to the short grass prairie for inspiration, Dale says “We can design agriculture systems that improve upon our current farming practices”
Other sessions will include; “The Nuts & Bolts of Using Cover Crops,”Growing Vegetables Through Profit for a CSA,”Impact of Bees and the Environment,” and more! Complete details and descriptions on the sessions can be found in the attached brochure.
We’ll also have a tradeshow featuring businesses and organizations across Greater Nebraska! We still have a few booths open if you are interested please find information about the booths in the attachment.
Foods!  Our conference this year will feature some awesome locally grown in Ogallala foods!  Open Range out of Ogallala will be doing the catering. Be sure to check them out before you come to the conference!
Young & Beginning Farmer Scholarships are available! Please contact me at if interested.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in Ogallala!

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