From the NSAS pasture walk

Just a way to get networking and learning done at the same time.


Another pasture walk has been scheduled for Thursday October 11 at 5:30.  We’ll be meeting at the Troy Kash-Brown farm.
Troy lives on the Northeast corner of West Van Dorn & SW 84th (55A Spur)
Emerald/Denton Highway.  He is grazing 12 paddocks
that are about equal size (2.3 acres each).  Water is available through
hydrants in a central piping system.  Cost share is being received from
NRCS on the water system and some interior fence.  Property line fence
consists of 7 wire HT fence and 4 wire HT interior with tape gates.

Livestock grazing at this time consists of 1 Jersey/Holstein milk cow
nursing 3 calves and 36 replacement doe milk goats averaging 6 months
old.  Forages run the gambit from alfalfa, clover, crown vetch to
goldenrod, pine trees & thorny locust.  Grasses are cool to warm season.
Come enjoy a walk on “development view farm” in the first year of
grazing animals here in 22 years.  Troy Kash-Brown  402-202-5686
Also, please bring along any tricks of the trade or gadgets that you have found or created to help make fencing easier.  You can also bring along any
ideas or gadgets that haven’t worked for you.


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