*Save the Date, February 15th & 16th, 2013. Healthy Farms Conference. *

*2013:* Plan to attend the Healthy Farms Conference of the Nebraska
Sustainable Agriculture Society. The dates for 2013 are February 15-16 and
it will be held at the Peter Kiewit Lodge at Eugene T. Mahoney State Park.

*Keynotes:* This year we will feature three dynamic keynotes!

*Michael Forsberg.* Forsberg is a Nebraska native, a world renowned
photographer and has focused much of his work in North America’s Great
Plains, once one of the greatest grassland ecosystems on Earth. His goal
has been to try to capture the wild spirit that still survives in these
wide-open spaces and put a face to the often overlooked native creatures
and landscapes found there. His hope is that the images can build
appreciation and go to work to inspire conservation efforts on the land far
into the future. You can read more about Michael here,

*John Hansen.* Hansen comes from a sixth generation diversified grain and
livestock farm in northeast Nebraska. Hansen was first elected President
of the Nebraska Farmers Union in 1989, and has been re-elected six times
since. Hansen also serves as Secretary of National Farmers Union, a
position he has held since 2002. Find more information about John here,
**Jim Kleinschmit.** *Kleinschmit directs the Institute for Agriculture and
Trade Policy’s Rural Communities program, which focuses on strengthening
the link between rural economic policy and local, democratic
decision-making in order to aid communities in creating and retaining the
wealth that comes from their natural and human resources. Jim grew up
milking cows and learning about sustainable agriculture.


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