Income Opportunity

Good Day

We have a seed company that we have worked with for several years. They are interested i finding a few people to expand their operation into the western corn belt.
We have trialed these seeds offering for several years and we are positive that they have both Organic and non organic and conventional seeds for marketing. Take a look and call if you have any questions about this opportunity. We have no “dog” in the fight as an independent agronomist I report what I see to the producers. Facts are facts and sharing that we have no pay for sign ups.

Mike Williams
Independent Agronomist
Board Certified
(We sell no products- just service and information)

At Gristmill Enterprises, we continue to build our seed offerings. We are looking for good independent minded people to work with in your area.

1) Offering – full line organic seed products (Seed corn will be tight)

2 Full line of non-gmo farm seeds – excellent supply

3) Have access through one of our seed growers to offer traited corn to those who so wish.

4) Maturities from 80-116 days on the corn.

Best case scenario for Grist Mill Enterprise

Commission sales. I don’t want to put a limit on income possible .

Art Scheele
Gristmill Enterprises


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