Diversified Agriculture Farm Tour Offered Aug. 18 in Butler County

Diversified Agriculture Farm Tour Offered Aug. 18 in Butler County
LINCOLN, Neb. – A day-long diversified agriculture farm tour will begin 1 p.m. Aug. 18, two miles north of Abie, Neb. Farmers will visit three farms and get a chance to exchange knowledge about integrated crops and livestock systems, utilizing cover crop to extend livestock feed and increasing their farm’s biodiversity.
The tour starts at Larry Stanislav’s diversified crop farm. Stanislav has an extensive crop rotation of spring wheat, corn, soybeans and cover crops used to control weeds and increase fertility. Stanislav will discuss two University of Nebraska-Lincoln on-farm research studies that he has cooperated on: 1) a nutrient management study with third-year crop rotation results and 2) a flaming experiment for weed management and moisture conservation in corn.
In addition, a conservationist from the National Resources Conservation Services will review funding opportunities available through the NRCS for fencing, water systems, cover crops and seasonal high tunnels.
From 3-4 p.m., the tour moves to Mark Roh’s farm, Abie Vegetable People, which is one-fourth mile west of Abie. Mark Roh is a beginning organic market gardener. He will discuss his drip irrigation system, storage facility, crop rotations, pest control, on-farm processing and future greenhouse plans. Roh will also discuss vegetables to grow for farmers markets and how to fence raccoons out of sweet corn.
The day ends at Ostry Family, Wagon Wheel Farm at 2281 Spur 12B, one-half mile north of Bruno, Neb. Mike Ostry will take participants on a tour of his various field crops and cover crops, and speak about his participation in an on-farm flaming experiment with UNL. He will also explain their large organic garden, on-farm livestock processing facility and pasture for poultry, ducks, turkeys, geese and hogs.
Families are welcome. The Ostry’s have direct marketing and money-making projects that youth can do on the farm, which may spark summer job ideas for youth.
A free meal starts at 5 p.m., followed by music by the Ostry family. Call Pat at 402-584-3837 to reserve meals.


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