Demmel Farm Tour, August 24

Dear friends,
This message is to announce our next farm tour on Friday, August 24, 2012, beginning at 1:30 pm. This is a limited publicity tour featuring organic crop farming with cover crops and also grazing livestock by Scott Hanson. The drought limits the dry land presentation, but we have a number of things to consider for both irrigated and dry land acres.

The agenda will include the following:
-Cover crop programs using oats, peas, radish and clover
-Strip till and compost application updates
-Crop rotation variations using wheat, barley, corn, millet, sunflowers, & feed peas
-Paramagnetism in soil and crop programs
-Use of resonators for “charged” water and fertilizer
-Equipment, including strip till, planter, cultivator, compost spreader
-Grazing programs updates, using rotational and mob grazing
-Pasture poultry.

Sponsors of the tour include High Plains OCIA, NRCS, NSAS and Wyatt Ag Ventures.
Directions to the farm: from Ogallala, 10 miles south on Hiway 61 to Road 769 and 1/2 mile west.

Dennis Demmel
cell 352-6138


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