Request for Proposals Soil and Wetlands Conservation

The National Wildlife Federation is requesting proposals for minigrants to help raise awareness of the importance of linking wetlands and highly erodible lands conservation requirements to all federal farm benefits. “Conservation compliance” is the agreement where, in exchange for taxpayer-provided subsidies, farmers agree to implement a conservation plan when farming highly erodible lands and to refrain from draining wetlands. Currently, conservation compliance is linked to all major farm subsidies except crop insurance. With crop insurance becoming the most important benefit most farmers receive, there is a danger that farmers who choose to forgo other payments will no longer have to protect wetlands or implement conservation plans on highly erodible land, leading to serious consequences for soil, water and wildlife.
Proposals: NWF is accepting brief proposals for outreach and education activities to raise the awareness of the importance and impact of conservation compliance. We are interested in receiving proposals from a wide variety of perspectives, from conservation, hunter/angler and sustainable agriculture, to water utilities, outfitters, fiscal and public health. NWF will award grants of between $500 and $1,500 to proposals based upon proposed outreach and education methods/events/activities to be completed by Sept. 15th, 2012. No lobby-related activities can be funded, although applicants who conduct lobby related activities with their own resources are eligible to apply for funding. Please contact us if you are unsure of whether your proposed activity could be considered lobbying. Examples of activities that might be funded include: press tours, mini-reports, editorial board education. Proposals should be a maximum of 2 pages in length and contain a brief budget.
Submit your proposal by August 17th to Ryan Stockwell, Agriculture Program Manager at:


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