Pasture Walk

August 10th. Brian Brhel’s farm beginning at 6:30 pm. Brian says his cow herd is grazing on short mature alfalfa so he will be showcasing that grazing option. Without any rain there are a lot of alfalfa fields that don’t have enough growth to cut for hay but may be a good option to graze. Come and see how Brian is making this work. Directions to the farm….From Denton: Drive West on West Denton Rd 3.5 miles to 140th Rd and turn North(right). Travel 1 mile on 140th and then turn West(left) onto Old Cheney Rd for a .25 mile. We live on the North side of the road. From Pleasant Dale: Drive South on Hwy 103 2.5 miles to Old Cheney Rd and turn East(left). Drive ¾ mile. Driveway on the North side of road. This part of Old Cheney is dirt so you may need to drive around the section if we ever get rain.


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