Flame Weeding in Agronomic Crops – Workshop

August 15. University of Nebraska. Concord, NE. Propane fueled Flame Weeding is an acceptable method of weed (pest) control in organic farming, and is gaining interest among conventional producers due to increase in weed resistance and costs of GMO crop seeds. Results will be presented from the 6-years of research conducted by the Team of Dr. Stevan Knezevic (Weed Science) and Dr. George Gogos (Mechanical Engineering). This work is also documented in about 20 scientific publications, 100 abstracts presented at many Regional, National and International meetings, and a patent for flaming equipment. Propane doses for weed control and crop tolerance data will be presented. Four and 8-row commercial type flamers with patented hoods for broadcast and banded flaming will be demonstrated. Inter-row cultivation and intra-row flaming combined in a single operation will also be demonstrated. Several local organic farmers will share their experience. For more information contact Dr. Avishek Data at adatta2@unl.edu


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