Midwest Drought Option Information

We have lots of dry and few perfect answers on what to do. Each farm field is different by some degree.
So being informed of options is a tool for your use. We have placed a number of dry information for you review.
We noted a few showers thru eastern Neb and western Iowa later yesterday and we are in serious prayer for more in the next few days,

We do know that soil testing this year is important to consider to see what is available after the summer.

If you want to see a map of the drought monitor, click the link below.


Mike Williams OPINS Co-op

Here is the blog link for dry corn issues

A new article has been posted on the web. For a copy of the full article, see http://corn.agronomy.wisc.edu/Season/

Articles =====================================================

· Corn Pollination: How to determine success under stress (video)

· Corn Transgenic and Trait Technologies in UW Trials during 2012

· Options for Double-Cropping Barren Corn

· Pricing Drought Stressed Corn Silage

· Nitrate Toxicity Issues in Barren Corn

· Harvesting Barren and Poorly Pollinated Corn

· Corn Management Decisions During Drought Depend Upon Pollination Success

· What Happens Within the Corn Plant When Drought Occurs?

· 2012: A Tale of Two Extremes


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