Why we do research at OPNS co-op

  Innovation is at the heart of competition in America ,we sell to the world. The lack of  innovative actions will leave a successful business crippled while another company steals their market share. Just ask Blockbuster who, in 2000, could have bought the online video streaming service Netflix for a mere 50 million. Blockbuster did what they always did,now the corporate  heads are watching the streaming service , NEtflix is putting Blockbuster out of business

Innovation is consistently thinking about how to do things differently and knowing that what works today might not work tomorrow. Thinking ahead, 3,5, and 10 years down the line and positioning yourself for future success. It is just as important to stay in touch with today’s consumer, as it is tomorrow’s consumer. Innovators listen to their consumers, that is why we do research on grains traits and productivity. The new red chips taste tested this week will sweep the market in years to come we believe.
OPINS Co-op , we strive to find new ways to not only serve our consumers but to interact with them . We know that a successful tomorrow is predicated on the work ethic, drive, and determination of today. It is our top priority to build personal relationships with our customers and help meet not just today’s needs, but tomorrows needs.

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