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Thursday, 03 May 2012 15:06 Written by wpnews

By Tom Kelly, West Point News Publisher  /  A local company is expanding its ability to deliver Internet, phone, and TV service in West Point.
Skywave Wireless, Inc. is installing fiber optic lines in parts of the community and is now serving the John A. Stahl Library. Skywave is preparing to hook up other businesses in the downtown area within a few months and will continue to extend its infrastructure, eventually making the service available throughout the city.

Partners Craig Schmaderer and Ryan Kuester say their goal is “to provide a faster, more reliable service for less than people are paying now.” The terminology for their product is Fiber to the Premises, or FTTP.
“Fiber optics are engineered to use light to transmit data,” Kuester said. “You don’t have problems with interference like you can have with copper cables, and we have the capability to offer unlimited (Internet) speeds.”
Schmaderer said Skywave is nearing completion of the first phase of the project.
“We wanted to cover as many businesses as we can this year,” he said.
They said the agreement with the library was the key to getting the service rolling. A grant to the library through the federal government stimulus program was helpful.
“We were considering doing it for them, but it would have required a huge installation fee that would have been too much for the library without the stimulus,” Schmaderer said. “The library participation helped jump start everything. The project never would have happened on this scale without it.”
“Another big thing was that the city was very open to it,” he added. “They gave us franchise status, and that gave us the utility right-of-ways we needed.”
Skywave has been able to capitalize on the availability this spring of Bauer Underground of Norfolk,, the fiber optic cable contractor.


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