History of cereals being switched from Organic to GMO and non GMO status

The Cornucopia Institute’s report, Cereal Crimes, can be viewed online here.  A brief video discussing the report’s findings can be seen here.  

Kashi’s Rick Duran told Cornucopia staff that the company makes over 100 products, and although proclaiming their dedication to organics, only four of these are certified organic.  Another three products are produced from verified non-GMO grains (7 Whole Grains®).  Unsaid was the fact that there are currently no GMO grains grown for any of the ingredients used in the 7 Whole Grains cereal products.

The Cornucopia Institute has collected and saved, as a document, many of the more than 200 comments posted by angry customers on Kashi’s Facebook page, in the event that they disappear or are scrubbed from the site.  This document is available upon request.


The Cornucopia Institute is engaged in educational activities supporting the ecological principles and economic wisdom underlying sustainable and organic agriculture.  Through research and investigations on agricultural and food issues, The Cornucopia Institute provides needed information to family farmers, consumers, stakeholders involved in the good food movement, and the media.


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