Food supply chair is strong on Organic acres, problems loom in Industruial Ag acrs

Weather or Not?
Posted on March 16, 2012 by John Bunting

National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) has released information on its projections for the spring, which seems to be a month early here. has compiled much of the information into one article.

Who knows what will actually happen but, if the projections are correct, milk production might be off for a long time because of temperature related complications. While it is possible to suck up water from the time of dinosaurs, air conditioning presents another problem.

A significant part of consolidation in dairy or any other complex system is the loss of resilience. Will dairy be able to spring back if the weather in 2012 becomes difficult? Certainly, dairy is less able to meet the challenge which nature has long been willing to provide.

There are some, not many, who expect the second half of 2012 to bring $30 milk. There will be a large number of operations leaving before we see $30/cwt. Banks, will be less willing to help.

If anyone is waiting for Wal$Mart shoppers to become concerned, keep in mind that more than half of Americans now work in offices…that is to say they are isolated from not only the weather, but also, much of reality.


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